Secretary: Mr. Abu Raihan

Table Tennis facilities of The The Muslim institute is one of the best in Kolkata. This year became memorablefor the Junior Players Show. Tahsin Ahmed Ansari was the member of the Men’s Team that won Gold Medal in the last State Championship of B.T.T.A. Abu Sannan, Md. lzaan Ahmed, Arnan Ahmed were the members of the Sub Junior Team that won Silver Medal in the State Championship. Md. Tahsin Ahmed Ansari was the champion in the Youth Boys’ Event in the Rupa Sen Memorial T.T. Championship. Abu Sannan was the Runner Up in Central Kolkata District Championship. An Open Tournament was organised by Kamlesh Ganguly on 28th August 2016 in association in The The Muslim institute. Abu Raihan was the Champion in the Open’s Event and Abu Sannan was the Champion in the Junior’s Events. Abu Raihan participated and won Bronze Medal in Veteran’s National Champioship, held at Pune in Men’s Team Event.