Secretary: Md. Shamsus saleheen

The Debate Sub-Committee which had been oe of the main source/ideology behind establishment of The The Muslim institute was not active for a brief period due to some unavoidable reason but since last year, we have been able to organise Inter School Debate and QjJiz Competitions. Mr. Md. Khaled Reza is the Chairman of this Sub-Committee.

This year on 26th March, 2017 a Tn-Lingual Inter School Debate Competition was organised, 65 Students from 13 English, Urdu and Bengali Medium Schools took part in the competition, motion of the debate was “School students should not access social networking sites”.


Mr. Mayukh Banerjee, Mr. ManzarJamil and Mrs. Sharon Ahmed were in panel of thejudges for English Language Debate. Dr. lmam Azam, Janab Ashraf Ahmed Jafri and Mrs. Shagufta Yasmin Ghazal were thejudges for Urdu Language Debate.

Mr. lrfan All Biswas, Mr. Kazi Masoom Akhter and Mr. Mayukh Banerjee were thejudges for Bengali Language Debate.

Abdul Rahman Moosa of Saifee Golden Jublee English Public School, Md. Fuzail also of Saifee Golden Jublee English Public School and Md. Faizan of The Crescent School were Winners in English, Urdu and Bengali Language Debate respectively.

Miss. Anya Zahid of St. Michael’s Academy and Miss. Farheen Khan of The Crescent School - English Language Debate, Md. Farid Alam of The Crescent School and Miss. Aiman Sulimani also of The Crescent School - Urdu Language Debate, Miss. Sayantika Ghosh of The Crescent School and Qzi SaaheelUr Rahman of St. Augustine’s Day School - Bengali Language Debate were the 1st Runner Up and 2nd Runner Up respectively.

In the Inter School Quiz Competition - 126 Students comprising of 3 members team representing 2 teams from 21 Englisn, Urdu and Bengali medium schools have participated in the competition. Mr. Shamsus Saleheen efficiently rendered his duty as QOiz Master.

Both the teams of St. Augustine’s Day School bagged the Winner and 1st Runner Up position respectively. A. P. Department, Calcutta Madrasah’S team has been able to attain 2nd Runner Up position. The even left “come again” mark and popularity among the students. Sayed Nayyar lqbal Hashmi delivered vote of thanks.