Maintenance of Accounts

(a) Of the President, the General Secretary and the Treasurer, any two shall jointly operate on the Bank Accounts or deal with the deposits or investments on behalf of the Institute.
(b) The bank books and the securities shall be in the custody of the Treasurer who shall arrange to deposit or withdraw money from the Bank or Banks as the need arises on the requisition of the General Secretary.
(c) The Treasurer shall not keep or cause to be kept with the Office Superintendent more than Rs. 10,000/- at a time. All surplus amounts shall be deposited with the Bank.


(d) The General Secretary shall not sanction more than Rs. 10,000/- for expenses at a time without approval by the Executive Committee. However, he can sanction an expenditure exceeding Rs. 10,000/- but the same should be ratified in the next Executive Committee meeting. (e) The Secretaries of different sections may draw advance for incurring of expenditure including payments to professional Football, Hockey or Crcket players, and submit proper vouchers duly acknowledge by the payees. If the expenditure of a section is likely to exceed its budgetary allocation the Secretary should submit a proposal to the Executive Committee through the General Secretary for enhancement of the budget. (f) The General Secretary shall draw money from the Treasurer for payment of monthly establishment charges of the Institute without the formal sanction of the Executive Committee every month. Provision for such expenditure shall be made by the Executive Committee at the beginning of the Session.
(g) No money, in excess of the budget amount under a particular head, shall be paid by the Treasurer without the sanction of the Executive Committee.
(h) The accounts of the Institute shall be maintained in accordance with the Accounting Standards of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.
(I) Finance and Accounts Sub-Committee of the Institute shall have the power to examine the accounts, bills and vouchers independently and may present its report in the Executive Committee Meeting.
(j) The General Secretary shall make available to the Auditor appointed in Annual General Meeting all the books of accounts of the Institute for the purpose of audit .and the Auditor 6hall, on completion of audit, submit a report on the income and expenditure, receipt and payments and balance — sheet of the Institute.

Rules and Procedure for Election

(a) The date of Election of members for the purpose of the constitution or re-constitution of Executive Committee of the Institute shall be fixed at least sixty days before the expiry of tenure of the Executive Committee. (b) Defaulters shall clear up their dues at least one month before the date of electiqn, failing which they shall neither be allowed to vote nor be eligible for election to the Executive Committee. (c) A member of less than one year’s standing counted from the date of his application to membership shall not be eligible for election to the Executive Committee nor shall be qualified to exercise his vote at the election. (d) The General Secretary or any member of the Executive Committee shall be designated as Convenor in the Executive Meeting held for the purpose and he shall carry out the necessary formalities for the purpose of holding of the election.
(e) The preliminary list of qualified voters shall be hung up on the Notice Board at least one month before the date of election. Complaints regarding inclusion or omission of any name in the list shall reach the General Secretary within 10 days of its publication and the Executive Committee after considering such objection shall issue the Final List of Voters at least lsdays before the date of election.
(f) Nomination Papers for Election to the Executive Committee shall be signed by the candidate himself and duly proposed and seconded—the proposer and the seconder being also voters of the same constituency to which he seeks election. The Nomination papers shall be handed over in closed covers to the Convenor in the office of the Institute within seven days from publication of the Final electoral roll provided that no nomination papers shall be received after 9.00 p.m. on the last date. Such covers shall then be sent to one of the Vice- Presidents nominated for the purpose for safe custody immediately after 9.00 p.m. on the last day. Scrutiny of Nomination Papers shall be made on the following day by the Executive Committee in the presence of Candidates or their agents after which the accepted names shall be notified. The nominated Vice President shall decide the validity of the Nominations by his ruling.
(g) A candidate shall be at liberty to withdraw in writing his name from election at least three days before the date of election.
(h) Each candidate for election to the Executive Committee from Life and Senior Members Constituencies shall deposit a sum of Rs.1,000/- as Security Deposit which will be refunded to him on his successful election and shall be forfeited in case he fails to be elected to the Executive Committee. This rule shall not apply to Student Members.
(I) Voting shall be by ballot and no proxy shall be allowed.
(j) Necessary arrangements in connection with the Election shall made by the Executive Committee.
(k) The Executive Committee in a meeting held for the purpose shall select one Election Commissioner and two Election Officers for the purpose of conducting of the election.
(I) The date for holding Bye-Election shall be declared at least sixty days before the date of Bye- Election and the rules and procedure for holding of Election shall be followed.