1 . Interpretation

In these Rules and Regulations unless there be anything in the subject or context inconsistent therewith:

(a) The ‘Institute’ means The The Muslim institute.

(b) The ‘Members’ mean members of The The Muslim institute for the time being.

(c) ‘Kinds of members’ mean the five kinds of membership of The The Muslim institute namely, HONORARY MEMBERSHIP, LIFE MEMBERSHIP, SENIOR MEMBERSHIP, STUDENT MEMBERSHIP and CASUAL MEMBERSHIP.

(d)‘Categories of members’ mean three categories of members of the Executive Committee of The The Muslim institute namely EXO FFICIO MEMBERS, ELECTED MEMBERS AND CO-OPTED MEMBERS.

(e) ‘Session’ means one year’s session of the Institute which shall commence from the 1 day of April and end on the 31st day of March, every year.

(f) ‘Election’ means Quadrennial Election of The The Muslim institute.

(g) ‘Bye-Election’ means bye-election of The The Muslim institute held for electing four or more members in the category of Elected Members.


(a) Honorary Membership : Such membership shall be confined to the gentlemen of eminence with no voting rights.

(b)Senior Membership : Gentlemen of education, character and culture will be eligible for such membership provided that he is not below the age of eighteen years.

(c)Student Membership : Male Students of recognized educational institutions, schools, colleges and madrasahs, will be eligible for Student membership, provided that they are not below the age of fourteen years.

(d)Life Membership : Gentlemen possessing the qualifications under Rule 2(b) are eligible for Life Membership on payment of onetime fee. They shall enjoy all the privileges of membership for life.

(e)Casual Membership : Ladies or Gentlemen who may take interestin a specific activity of a particular section or facility of the Institute may become casual members subject to the following conditions:
(a) They shall pay their subscription at the specified rate per month in advance.
(b) They shall strictly observe the discipline and rules and regulations of the particular section.
(c) Their entry and availing of facility shall be restricted to the particular section only.
(d) They shall have no voting rights.
(e) They will be proided with special Membership Cards, with entry columns for Monthly subscription. The membership will cease from the month in which the subscription is not paid.
(f) Ladies shall be admitted as Casual Member only in the following sections:
(i) Library (ii) Education (iii) Literary and (iv) Drama & Music

3 . Admission of Members

(a) All applications for membership shall be made by applicants themselves in the prescribed forms, duly proposed and seconded by existing bonafide members other than Casual Members together with two copies of passport size photographs.
(b) The Executive Committee shall have the power to reject any application without assigning any reason.
(c) An application for membership once rejected shall not be reconsidered in the same session unless it was rejected on a technical ground.
(d) Successful applicants shall pay within seven days from the date of its announcement the admission fees and subscription.
(e) Subsequent to admission, any member may upgrade his “kind of membership” viz, from “Student” to “Senior” or from “Senior” to “Life” on completion of due formalities and payment of requisite fees.

4 . Subscriptions and Admission Fees

(a) Subscription for membership shall be as follows :
(i) For Senior Membership Rs. 2SO/ per session
(ii) For Student Membership Rs.100/-per session
(iii) For Life Membership Rs.1O,000/- ( One time)
(b) Admission Fee for membership shall be Rs.100/-for Senior Member and Rs.SO/- for Student Member.
(c) The Existing members shall pay their subscription during the first quarter of every Session.
(d) A Senior Member may at any time, become a Life Member on payment of the onetime full amount of Rs.1O,000/-provided that due formalities for admission are observed.

5. Defaulters

(a) Members who fail to pay their subscriptions during the first quarter of the Session shall become defaulters and be informed accordingly by the Hony. General Secretary. A defaulter shall cease to enjoy the privileges of membership until such time as the dues are cleaed up, unless the Executive Committee decides otherwise.
(b) Members who owe anything to any section of the Institute, whether in cash or kind, shall also be treated as “Defaulters “as stated in Rule 5 (a).
(c) Names of the defaulters shall be removed from Register of members’ if dues are not paid up by the end of the Session.
(d) Resignation by a defaulter or his removal from membership, shall not absolve him from the liabilities to the Institute.
(e) A register of all the defaulters, specifying their dues shall be maintained for reference and guidance.

6. Patrons

(a) The Executive Committee may at its discretion elect as Patrons distinguished persons, association of whose names may enhance the prestige and popularity of the Institute.
(b) The Executive Committee may also elect as Patrons, persons who may donate a lump sum of Rs. 51,000/- in Cash or kind.

7. Resignation

(a) A member desiring to resign from his membership may do so at any time by a letter addressed to the President. The resignation shall take immediate effect but without prejudice to any liability or obligation incurred by him theretofore while he was a member.
(b) He shall cease to have any interest in the property of the Institute or exercise any rights in respect thereto at such resignation submitted by him in writing.