Dear Members,

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you in the 115th Annual General Meeting of The The Muslim institute. I feel honoured to share the Annual Report of The The Muslim institute together with its Audited Statement of Accounts for F.Y.2016-17 with you and with all our valued patrons, sponsors, donors and stake- holders. In this Annual Report, you will find extremely satisfying performance highlights of different sections of the Institute and also spectacular financial health exhibited in its Balance Sheet.

2. The present Executive Committee had taken over the charge in December 2013, and this being the last year of report under this Committee I would like to share with the Members some major highlights of performance of the Institute during the tenure of the outgoing Committee.

A. Infrastructural Developments & Maintenance:

(i) Institute Building :- The existing Institute building, foundation stone of which was laid by His Excellency, Colonel, Sir Francis Stanley Jackson, the Governor of undivided Bengal in 1931, was in dire need of repairs since no repair works had been carried out by the PWD for last three decades. This Committee on taking over the charge vigorously pursued the matter and got the major repair works done by the PWD of value above Rs. 23 lakh.

(ii) Library :- The Institute’s Library which is a repository of priceless titles on myriad subjects was in a state of utter neglect but in the tenure of this Committee it has been fully renovated and automated. With computerised cataloguing and modern stacking of books with latest software and air-conditioned environment, the century old library has got a fresh lease of life.

(iii) Computer Hall :- Computer Education in (a) IT Tools and Business Systems, (b) Internet Technology and Web Design, (c) Financial Accounting Using Tally, (d) Programming and Problem Solving Through ‘C’ Language, (d) Introducing to ICT Resources, (e) Multilingual DTP under NCPUL are being run for past several but when this Committee took the charge number of students enrolled were very few, due to the reason of poor and inadequate infrastructure, and computers were not functioning because of obsolesce. The softwares for the course programmes were not compatible with the obsolete computers. The Computer Hall was refurbished and new computers with latest and necessary softwares were installed.

(iv) Multi-Gym & Cardio-Gym :- Installation of several modern equipment of physical culture and improvement of environment culture centre. In the current year a new Cardio-Gym has been established specially to meet the demands the mid-aged category, which too has become very popular within a short period. Contributions from the both the Gym to the financial strength of the Institute has increased manifold during the tenure of this Committee.

(v) Billiards & Snooker :- This section of the Institute is one of the oldest, remained in a state of neglect for past several years. In the current period the Billiards Hall has been completely renovated and air-conditioned bringing it at par with the best. The environment and facilities of this section has been made conforming to the standard of national requirement. It was an epoch-making year for the Billiard Section of the Institute. It has accomplished the honour of organising the season’s first West Bengal State Ranking Championship Tournament for Billiards & Snookers in 2017, which was highly appreciated by the entire Cueist fraternity and the media. The infrastructural renovation in various sections which was initiated by the present committee has had its positive impact on the overall activities of the Institute.

(vi) Encroachment-free :- The area around Madrasah Alliah and AIIiah University campus has been badly encroached, and illegal encroachment unchecked by the authorities was getting extended upto the vicinity of the Institute’s premises. But, timely and swift pre-emptive action taken against the encroachment has resulted into keeping the adjoining area of the Institute free from encroachment, and a beautiful patch of greenery has been developed with portraits of freedom fighters and eminent historical personalities at the Institute’s entrance.

B. Constitution of the Institute :- The The Muslim institute’s Constitution was drafted sometime in 1937, and there had been hardly any amendments made in more than 70 years of its enforcement. The members of the Institute had almost in all the AGM5 for past several years had consistently been making\mand for getting a copy or initiating a process of revisiting the same. This Committee took up the matter with all its sincerity and proposed a draft amendment, keeping in view the aspirations of the present-day members of the Institute and the society at large, nevertheless maintaining the spirit of the original Constitution and inspirations of the founding members of the Institute. The draft amended Constitution was unanimously passed with a few modifications in the Extra-Ordinary General Meeting held on 23rd November 2014. The Constitution was officially released by the former Acting Chiel Justice of Calcutta High Court, Mr. Nure Alam Choudhuri.

C. Awards :- The The Muslim institute, during the tenure of this Committee was honoured with the Begum Rokeya Award for the year 2015 by the West Bengal Board of Madrasah Education, Government of West Bengal Institute contribution to the service of the society and working for the cause of education.

D. Financials :- Comparative glance of the Institute’s Balance-sheet for the financial years under the tenure of this Committee vis-à-vis the earlier periods will reveal that the General Fund and Cash & Bank balance have increased to Rs. 84.86 lakh and Rs. 62.60 lakh respectively as on 31st March, 2017 from Rs. 29.30 lakh and Rs. 19.50 lakh as on the period of taking over of the charge by this Committee, i.e. December 2013.The income of the Institute for the current year have jumped to Rs. 67.15 Iakh from Rs.39.00 lakh in December2013.

3. Besides the spectacular financial achievements I am extremely happy to share the performance highlights of the activities of the different sections of the Institute.