Agenda No.1

Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting held on 11.10.2015 was read out by Mr. Shaikh Shamsher Alam, Hony. General Secretary of The The Muslim institute.

Agenda No.1

No business arose from the minutes of the last Annual General Meeting.

Agenda No.3

Mr. Shaikh Shamsher Alam, Hony. General Secretary read out the Annual Report and the Audited Statement of Accounts for the Financial Year 2015-16.


Hony. General Secretary highlighted the important numbers of the Accounts, particularly the Income, Expenditure, Surplus of income over expenditure and the cash/bank balance which have increased substantially in comparison to earlier years. The surplus generated during the year has increased manifold in comparison to earlier year and cash/bank balance has more than tripled since taking over of the charge by the present Committee. He reminded the House that when the present Committee took over the charge two and a half years back, the cash/bank balance was Rs. 18 Lakhs only, and at the end of the current financial year the balance is nearly Rs. 60 Lakhs. The spectacular financial strength of the Institute is direct a result of upright, focused, honest and efficient management by the present Coimittee of the Institute.

Mr. Hafizur Rahman, a Life Member expressed his appreciation on the functioning of the Institute with greater transparency under the secretary ship of Mr. Shaikh Shamsher Alam. He made a proposal for the observance Youm-eS hahadat by organising Zikr-e-Shahadat, commemorating the martyrdom of members from the family of Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w.). He also suggested that portrait of Haji Mohammad Mohsin may be installed at Institute Premises as has been done in respect of other eminent personalities by the present Committee. He expressed that a number of coaching centres for competitive examinations are being run in Kolkata. The The Muslim institute may take the responsibility of coo rdination amongst these coaching centres and help them in increasing effectiveness.

The Hony. General Secretary, Mr. Shaikh Shamsher Alam conveyed his thanks to Mr. Hafizur Rahman for positive recognition of the InstituteTs performance under the present Committee. He clarified that Youm-e-Shahadat was organised last year and it will be organised this year too in the manner suggested by Mr. Rahman. He further clarified that a few portraits of eminent personalities have already been put up recently and more of such portraits including that of Haji Mohammad Mohsin will also be put up soon. As regards taking up the responsibility of co-ordination among the coaching centres for competitive exams, he clarified that Institute may not like to intrude into the activities of other organisation, however, we will take the initiative to propagate the work of these coaching centres among the aspirants of the competitive exams.

Mr. Abu Saleh Md. Rezwanul Karim, a Senior Member, acknowledging the remarkable achievements of the Institute stated that keeping in view the increasing activities of the Institute and paucity of space, one or two additional floor may be constructed on the existing building of the Institute.

The Hony. General Secretary, thanking Mr. Abu Saleh for his suggestion informed the House that a proposal for construction of an additional floor had already been made to the PWD, which has already prepared an of estimate Rs. 85,00,000/- (Rupees Eighty Five Lakhs) and put up the same for financial sanction by competent authority. He shared with the House that PWD did not spend for renovation and upkeep of Institute building for past several years but on the right initiative taken by the present Committee, PWD has started the renovation and maintenance of the building. The construction of additional floor will Insha Allah begin soon after receiving financial sanction from competent authorities.

Sk. Rajjab Ali, a Senior Member appreciated the Annual Report and Accounts. He expressed his happiness over the functioning of the Institute and thanked the present Committee. He stated that the Institute commands immense respect in the society, hence, it should play a major role in giving social leadership as it did in the early sixties and before.

The Hony. General ecretary, appreciated the view expressed by Mr. Au, and expressed that it is quite natural to expect a greater role from the Institute in giving social leadership but he expressed that now a day politics and politicians have left no role for any social leadership without political association in our society, and the Institute cannot afford a risk of poliUcaI association.

Mr. Golam Mohammad, a Senior Member appreciated the initiatives of the Institute in the field of education. He suggested that a Scholarship Corpus may be created for financially weak and meritorious students who qualify for admission to medical, engineering and professional courses, the way it is being done by some organisation in Andhra Pradesh.

The Hony. General Secretary, appreciated the suggestion and informed the House that the Institute has already created a Scholarship Fund in which the honorarium received by him for holding the ex-officio post of Head of Institution of MANUU is donated fully. He also assured the House that the Institute with the assistance of Mr. Golam Md. will definitely try to implement the Scholarship schemes as suggested, once a Corpus fund with adequate amount is achieved. Page 4

Mr. Mushtaq Ahmed, a Senior Member shared with the House that the Institute’s intensive coaching programme for Higher Secondary courses are very popular amongst the students of Urdu medium schools, however, coaching for Class Xl, Arts has been discontinued from the current year. He requested for its reintroduction.

The Hony. General Secretary, clarified that coaching for Class XI, Commerce has been introduced from the current year and due to paucity of sufficient infrastructure, coaching for Class Xl, Arts has to be temporary discontinued. However, he assured the House that the same will be rei ntroduced after the infrastructure issue is resolved.

Mr. Shafiqur Rahman, a Senior Member expressed his happiness on the performance of the Institute. He suggested that the Institute’s Library which has now been renovated and fully computerised should have more reference books and study notes on important subjects including General Studies for the benefit of the students appearing for competitive exams.

The Hony. General Secretary, assured the House that the suggestion of Mr. Rahman will definitely be implemented.

Mr. Naushad Momin, a Senior Member congratulated the present Committee and its Hony. General Secretary for running the Institute so well. lie, however, opined that impressive surplus of income may be due to the financial grant of Rs. 5 Iakh received from the Government in the current year which the Hony. General Secretary did not highlight. He also invited the attention of the House to a letter published in a Urdu daily, “Rashtriya Sahara”.

The Hony. General Secretary, thanking Mr. Momin clarified that the financial grant of Rs. 5 lakh was sanctioned by the Government on the endeavour of and persuasion by the present Committee and the same has been duly highlighted in the Hony. General Secretary’s Report which Mr. Momin has failed to notice. He also gave point-wise rebuttal on the insinuating content of the letter mentioned by Mr. IViomin, and the House including Mr. Momin gave a big applause to the Hony. General Secretary for his honest and befitting reply. Mr. Momin suggested that the House should adopt a resolution condemning k the letter. published by the Urdu Daily. The House unanimously agreed to Mr. Momin’s suggestion and passed the following resolution:

“Resolved that the cantankerous letter in question is a handiwork of morbid minds and the House unequivocally condemn the same and its publisher for printing it without verifying the facts.”

Agenda No.4

The House unanimously accepted the Annual Report and passed the Audited Statement of Accounts.

Agenda No.5

On the Agenda of Appointment of Auditor for Financial Year 2016-2017, the House unanimously decided to appoint M/s. Mir & Associates, Chartered Accountants to audit the Accounts for Financial year 2016-2017.

Agenda No.6

No proposal for amendment of the Constitution came up.

Agenda No.7

Issue of a letter published in a Urdu Daily, “Rashtriya Sahara” raised by Mr. Naushad Momin was discussed and a resolution adopted in this regard already recorded in Agenda No.3 above.

Agenda No.8

Mr. H. A. Safwi, the President, presided over the 114th Annual General Meeting. In his Presidential speech, he emphasised that those who desires the development and expansion of good work of the Institute should come forward with their valuable suggestion, even non-members may put forth their suggestions and these will definitely be considered by the Executive Committee and acted upon on consensus. He expressed his happiness on the efficient functioning and impressive financial health of the Institute. Having applauded thwork of renovation and computerisation of the Library of the Institute he lamented on little interest of the members and general public in benefitting from this well-maintained Library. He impressed upon the House that Billiard Section, Gymnasium Section, Education Section are doing very well and requested the members for their pro-active participation in different sections of the Institute. He also informed the House that the members should not only participate but may even point out shortcomings, if any noticed by them, since constructive criticism is always welcome to improve the performance of any organisation. Mr. President applauded the uprightness and dynamism of the Hony. General Secretary, under whose leadership the Institute has made unprecedented overall progress.

Agenda No.9

Mr. Golam Mohammad, a Senior Member moved the motion for vote of thanks. He applauded the good work can ted on by the Institute under the current Hony. General Secretary, Mr. Shaikh Shamsher Alam. He offered his good wishes to the present Committee for steering the Institute in right direction.

With this vote of thanks to and also from the Chair the 114th Annual General Meeting came to an end.