Removal from Membership

(a) A member shall be liable to be removed from membership:
(i) If he is convicted of any criminal offence involving moral turpitude.
(ii) If he disobeys the Rules and Regulations of the Institute or the orders of Executive Committee.
(iii) If the conduct of a member either in or out of the Institute shall in the opinion of the Executive Committee, be injurious to the character, reputation and interest of the Institute.
(iv) If a member, in the opinion of the Executive Committee, is alleged to be guilty of any dishonourable or disreputable conduct in his dealings with or any member of the Institute.
(b) Provided that the Executive Committee after such inquiry as it deem fit and after giving an opportunity to the member concerned to explain his conduct in writing, shall be empowered to request such member to resign, and if such member does not resign within seven days, the Executive Committee at a meeting convened for the purpose with, at least, three — fourth majority of the members present shall resolve to expel such member.
(c) Provided also that a member who is removed by calling for his resignation or is expelled cannot re-apply for membership afresh.

The expression “Dishonourable or Disreputable” conduct shall include:

a. Misbehaviour in meetings, or within the premises of the Institute pertaining to any affairs or matter of the Institute.
b. Thumping on the tables, shouting, uttering indecent words and casting aspersion on the Chair.
c. Willful misappropriation of the Institute funds, temporary embezzlement, defalcation and/or attempt at cheating through false or concocted bills.
d. Willful or intentional non-observance or any act to the contrary of the aims and objects of the Institute.

9. Reinstatement of Membership

(a) If in the opinion of, at least, one-fourth of the bonafide general members the case of any expelled member is required to be reconsidered without damage to the Institute, the Executive Committee shall call an extraordinary general meeting, tn which the matters shall be submitted, such meeting to consist of at least one-third of the total number of members of the Institute, and if a majority of not less than three-fourth of such members shall agree to the reinstatement of the expelled member, he shall be reinstated.
(b) Defaulters who have ceased to be members may be rea dmitted as members on full payment of their dues.

10. Privilege

The Institute will provide the following facilities fdr its members: (a) A Reading Room, a Library, Lecture Halls, Auditorium, Lounge, Gymnasium, Halls for Indoors Games- Table Tennis, Billiards, etc. (b) Forum for Debate Lectures and Seminars. (c) Forum for Drama, Music, Mushayera, Elocution, Story- reading, Book-release and other literary and cultural activities. (d) Ranking Tournaments for the members and general Tournaments for the indoor games. (e) Outdoor Games such as Football, Hockey, Cricket etc. (f) Socials and Excursions. (g) A Journal of the Institute.