Secretary: Mr. Jawaid Akhter

In the history of this city, The The Muslim institute played a major role to stage Urdu Drama after Independence. Prof. Neyaz Ahmed Khan, Mr. Kamal Ahmed, Mr. Zaheer Anwar, Mr. Feroze Ahmed Shaheen famous dramatists have made significant contribution to Urdu Drama and The The Muslim institute played a very important role in advancement of their career as dramatists. But, this Stage was left untouched for a very long time. After the formation of the new committee this was revived and several dramas in Urdu, Bengali and Hindi language have been staged.
In the session 2016-17 the Drama & Music Sub-Committee staged popular plays in Urdu language at Prof. Niaz Ahmed Khan Auditorium of The The Muslim institute which included a very successful and popular plays “Chor Darwaza” written by Mr. Kamal Ahmed, directed by Mr. S. M. Rashed and “Badate Mausam Ke Din”, written by Mr. Shabbir Ahmed, directed by Mr. Mr. S. M. Rashed, played on 28th May, 2016. Another play “Kashmir Ki Bahon Main” written by Mr. S. Haidar Ali played and also enthralling Ghazal programme by Srijoni& Troupe on 16th July, 2016.


The plays were presented by Fducare Coaching Centre and all the actors were its students. I thank the print media specially Akhbar-e-Mashrique, Aabshar, Kalam and Rastriya Sahara which played a major role to promote theseprogrammes. I also thank all the members of the Executive Committee for making the programmes successful. Last but not least I thank the Hony. General Secretary Mr. Shaikh Shamsher Alam who always stood beside me and helped me in all aspect.

4. The colourful mosaic of the activities highlighted above is definitely indicative of the fact that delivering excellence across the socio-cultural, educational and sporting arena has nowbecome bedrock of your Institute. I have tried my best to steer the Institute by bringing about constructive changes in the administration, development of infrastructure and accelerating the performance across the sections. It was an inspiring and challenging tenure for the current Executive Committee. Despite financial challenges we could make remarkable progress in all areas of activities of the Institute. We have brought about phenomenal changes in the functioning of your Institute which have resulted into financial sustain ability & stability, infra-structural development and positive recognition of the Institute in the society. It was truly a privilege to lead this historical organisation from the front. My entire team of the Executive Committee has pledged stronger commitment to reach new frontiers in Social, Cultural, Educational and Sports & Athletics and revive the spirit of the glorious past of this premier Institute.

5. I value the insight and guidance of all Office-bearers of The The Muslim institute. I sincerely thank Mr. H.A. Safwi, President of the Institute for his adept guidance in steering the Institute. I am grateful to the Sectional Secretaries and E.C. Members for their unwavering support and enthusiastic involvement. My special thanks go to the Vice Presidents, Mr. Feroze Ahmed, Mr. Azizul Haque, Mr. Mazhar Arzoo and Mr. Iqbal Ahmed for their rock-solid support. I would not have been able to carry out my duties effectively without the active support of two Assistant General Secretaries, Mr. Nazrul Islam and Mr. Syed Nayyar lqbal Hashmi, and the Treasurer, Mr. Dabir Ahmed. I further, deeply appreciate the

sincerity and discipline with which the entire staff member of the Institute assisted me in discharging my duties efficiently and effectively. I earnestly thank M/s Mir & Associates, Chartered Accountants, for guiding us in maintenance of the accounts and also for auditing of accounts. I thank all the media houses and its representatives for highlighting our performance in the print and electronic media. Finally, I thank you for your time and for participating in the 4GM today; your faith, positive approach and pro-active support will only bring out the best of performance of your Institute.