Annual General Meeting

(i) The Annual General Meeting of the Institution will ordinarily be held by the end of October of the following year for adopting the Annual Report, passing of the audited accounts, formally declaring the election results, for amendments proposals, if any, and for considering any other matter that may be placed before the General Meeting by the Executive Committee.
(ii) At least 45 days’ notice of the Annual General Meeting shall be given by the Hony. General Secretary to every member of the Institute.


(iii) At least 30 days’ Notice in writing shall be given to the General Secretary by any member or members intending to move resolutions and 15 days’ notice shall be required in case of questions to be asked. No discussion shall, however, be allowed on such questions. (iv) Sixty of the bonafide members shall form a quorum at such meetings. If the quorum fails, the meeting shall be held at a subsequent date fixed by the President of the The Muslim institute or by any of the Vice-Presidents in his absence at this meeting and the members present shall form the quorum and business at this meeting shall remain the same. Notice for the subsequent meeting shall be placed on the Notice Board in the Institute premises and shall be published in at least two of the local Newspapers.

Extra-Ordinary General Meeting

The Executive Committee may, at any time, call an Extra-ordinary General Meeting. The procedure regarding notice, quorum etc., laid down for the Annual General Meeting shall be followed.

Requisition General Meeting

(i) One-tenth of the total number of bonafide member may, at any time during the session, by a requisition in writing to the President, require a General Meeting to be held to consider such business as shall be specified in the requisition.
(ii) The President or the Executive Committee shall within 30 days of receipt of such requisition convene the meeting and notify members as required in the case of the Annual General Meeting.
(iii) In the event of failure of the President or the Executive Committee to call the requisition meeting within the specified time, the requisitionists themselves shall be competent to convene such meeting.
(iv) Member sending in such requisition shall write their names and address legibly and in full verification, if necessary, by the Executive Committee. Signatures which are not legible or genuine shall not be considered.
(v) The quorum for such meeting shall be the same as for the Annual General Meeting. If the quorum fails, the meeting shall be dissolved

General Rules

(a) The Institute shall hold the following functions annually viz. the Youm-un-Nabi, the Youm-e-Shahadat, Mushaira, the Republic, Independence and National Education Days, lqbal, Nazrul and Tagore Days, Picnic and Excursions.
(b) The Institute will ordinarily remain open from 2.00 p.m. to 10.00 p.m. on weekdays and from 12 Noon to 10.00 p.m. on Sundays and on the special occasions of social functions, meetings, etc. the opening and closing hours may be changed, if found necessary.
(c) The Executive Committee shall prepare a holiday list and the Institute shall remain closed on listed holidays and on the day an excursion is organised by the Institute or on any special occasion as determined by the Executive Committee. In case of emergency, the General Secretary may close the Institute with the consent of the President.
(d) The Auditorium or Halls of the Institute may be lent by the General Secretary with the consent of the President on an application in the prescribed form together with a copy of the agenda or programme of the meeting or function to be held.
(e) The authorities of the Institute reserve the right of refusing or withdrawing permission granted for the use of Auditorium or any Hall without assigning any reason provided that the amounts paid or deposited may be refunded in part or whole as the case may be, but in case of non-use by the hirer, no refund will be made.
(f) A list of all articles belonging to the Institute shall be kept in the office, and shall be signed by the General Secretary when he takes charge of the office.
(g) No article will ordinarily be allowed to be taken out of the Institute without the permission of the Executive Committee.
(h) Gambling, wagering or betting in any form shall not be allowed in the Institute.


(i) Amendment of the Constitution and the Rules & Regulation thereof may be made at the Annual General Meeting, the Extra-ordinary General Meeting or the Requisition General Meeting provided that the proposed amendment (s) is/are accepted with or without modification by two-third majority of the members present and necessary resolution for amendment adopted.
(ii) Copies of the proposed amendment shall be placed on the office table and may be supplied to the member or members asking for the same.
(iii) No amendment to the Constitution and the Rules & Regulations can be made if it contravenes the Aim and Objects or does not conform to the overall spirit of the Institute.

Winding up

The Institute shall have its distinct independent identity and continued existence but if for any reason it fails, the property, funds and assets of the Institute that may remain after full satisfaction of the liabilities of the Institute shall be transferred or handed over to any other Society or Institution established in India with similar aims and objects. Under no circumstances property, funds and assets of the Institute shall be distributed among the office bearers or members of the Institute.