Our Aveyond 2 Walkthrough contains everything you need in order to play this unforgettable adventure game. Before leaving Lands End, talk to Eldredth and ask her to plant the bean seeds. Enter that cave to find serpent amulet from a chest. Aveyond 3-1: Lord of Twilight; Aveyond 3-2: Gates of Night; Aveyond 3-3: The Lost Orb; . Now this cave and mountain system is quite complicated. In that case what is advised that dont place the pomegranate seed on the altar and then board the boat. Then you can go back to New Witchwood and escort her child with you. Go to the royal bedroom and sleep in the bed. Then go to Blasted lands and follow the map to enter the Dark Caverns. 3) Use your newly bought boat to travel to Lands End. Return to the Thais again and marry off some more characters (you will need the wedding rings for that). The chest in that room is locked and will available later in the game. That leads to the sun shrine. : Proceed towards the north of the village and you will come across another chest containing haunch. The in-game event will be triggered automatically and a secret passage is revealed. Go back to Tidbit and give back the voice box to his brother Bini. Go through it to find leyrvos lamp. Now we need to return to wildwoods to rescue the first druid. Now there is a special trick if you dont want to fight the difficult monsters in this dungeon and also have sufficient levels to face the final boss. The answers to the puzzles are-. On talking to the fairies they will heal your party for free. It would have yielded something else if you didnt dig up the rune in the wilderness of Eastern Empire. Return and pass through the door in the screenshot: Enter the door shown in the image of the next area: Collect the 150 gold pennies from the chest in the successive room before exiting through the only door in that room. Press that switch too. You will find the hall for advanced sword singers. Explore the area and talk to everyone. Enter the ballroom and talk to Pemberlin. From there, go through southwest route where you will find another cave entrance. Go back to mom and give her the flowers. If youve already taken the slippers from grazilda in new witchwood, give it to her. Party Members; NPCs; Talia Maurva; Rhen Pendragon; Ean Okho; Mel Darkthrop; Boyle Wolfbane; Before quitting the place you will see the mushroom creature beside the fairies. You will find a bone lying on the ground. If you have troubleshooting issues, you can ping the community immediately. Finally talk to the queen in the palace. She will give you a quest to find sun block cream. If you land on the pirates market then dont forget to buy the pick lock. Enter the sun shrine and talk to oracle. Keep walking to the west past the waterfall and enter another cave that you see towards the north. when you've finished the quest the bottle will be in the shop. Walk till you reach the dead end and open the chest to find a salmon. You may get a quest from here later as well as one of the druids shrine is located here, so remember this place. Press the first switch and continue till you see another moving ball. Enter the cavern and open the chest to get 100 gold pennies. Explore and talk to your party members and open the chest to get the speed crystal goodie. Give it to the thief who asked for it and he will say what you wanted to know. Sword of Silence - In the Icy Caves, Northern Isle. Return to veldarah and talk to Levus again, who is with his true love in the garden. Enter the third hut and talk to the man behind the bars. Exit Ghalarah and take the dirt path. Walk up to the nearest bifurcation where you can see a grave and take that path. Now its time to explore new horizons. She will give you a present to be delivered to Hilda. One has elixir and the other yields mandrake. Enter one of the houses to find Teijal. Get back to Ghedahre. Return to the cave entrance (4b in the map) and Walk to your right this time. Equip the fire amulets, save at the save point and enter the Demon cave. Get the frost axe from the chest, heal up and save before the boss fight. Get back by two screens, and then go down the stairs twice to get another chest containing the tornado spell. There are three passage ways there-enter the one to your right to get the bee wax. Take it and go to the ice caverns. Explore the mine and open the blue chest to find an iron sword?. Since you already have collected the book pages from all over the world, therefore you can give them to him. Fight when you are asked to. Take Griselda to the boatman, he will sell you his boat for 3000 gold. The cloak of invisibility is what the name suggests, makes you invisible to the ordinary enemy. Return to the nurse. At this point you can visit Thais but the enemies are too difficult for your partys level, so we will come back over here later. Quest complete. 20), Gretchen 1) Make her ugly again (side quest no. We will refer to this place later. Touch the soul to the frozen statue of Vata. Faces will appear in message boxes when your characters talk in the game. After walking for a sometime you will come across an elevated platform with a chest. In order to get the good deed done you need bee wax and mirror. Simply hold down the Ctrl and F keys together, and enter the word or phrase youre looking for into the text box. The first house from the entrance has a blue chest containing the treasure map (the one we found from the T mark of Blasted Lands). Go to the sign post past the tavern and this time take the north-western path till you reach a barricaded gate. Exit, collect 50 pennies from the chest and then enter the cave to your right. A new member will join your party and a new quest is added (side quest no.30). Climb the ladder and cross two bridges. After the exploration enter Thais. It contains haunch. Answers. Talk to lambchop and he will say that he has bought a orb which he cant use and he is ready to sell the treasure map of it for 2500 gold pennies. Also make sure that you save your game often so that you dont lose your progress due to a power cut or by accidental game shutdown. Give the stinkrot root to Gretchen. Talk to the Fairy prince and he will give you a quest (side quest no.33). Walk along the path, you will see a chest on your way. Elinis indra, Rhens Nightmare Flight spell and Lars decompose works wonders. If you like games like Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, and Dragon Warrior, you are going to love Aveyond. We will come back here later. Since most of Elinis spells consume huge amount of mana, therefore unless you are planning to omit her from the active team choose the red demon spell which costs less mana but causes huge impact. Go to Lands End and then inside Mt Orion. Go up the first ladder and enter the cave-the next area has a chest containing 640 gold pennies. Ean's best friend Iya suddenly disappears, and his . Go outside and enter the hole in the grave. Return by two screens as there is nothing more in this area. The cave leads to the highlands. Now refer the map to go to Wormrot. Return to Mysten far and talk to priestess Oyane. Follow the previous guide to the Ogres Lair when we were hunting for the first boss. ThePHiLsTeR. Ean's best friend Iya suddenly disappears, and his . Lars gauss shield will prevent deadly damage to your party to some extent for which your party may not get wiped away totally at one go. The locusts are roaming in the farm, press the action button or enter when you confront any of them and fight them. Climb back and then go down the longer ladder beside this one. We havent explored the area yet, so lets do it now. Kill the rats in Dirkon where ever you find them, look inside houses as well. Walk up to the temple and touch Daenas soul to his statue. Leave the mushroom creature alone. The chest in the cave has elixir. You have to key in an answer to a question and if its the right answer, the gate unlocks (please make sure that the spelling is correct and there is no space between words; if by mistake you key in a wrong alphabet, press escape to delete). Press enter on that spot to find it. Enter the door beside her and then again through the door thats in front. 30) Who tried to assassinate the king-talk to the main thieve in blue robe in the thiefs cave. Solve dozens of adventure puzzles and explore an enchanting world. Keep walking northwards till you find the harpy. Return to Rona and report. Start walking to your right from there, then up till you find another door. Enter it and follow the left route. Sword of Shadows - Given after finding all the druids. Talk to him about the news, you will be given a quest (side quest no.38). Enter the holes which will take you to outside Blackbone Cave. She will ask you to bring back her ruby slippers. Locate your skudder in the peninsula map and board it. Enter the first house that youll see. She will give you a love potion. Open it to get a pick lock (you have already purchased one). If you land up in the Ale Storage room then rummage the room for a full cask of ale. Then Walk to your right into the cave. The game's main antagonist, he plots from his realm attempting to destroy Rhen and Aveyond to take control of the world. Buy the spell as it would help you to find where you had parked your boat. Then go to the sandstone cave and refer the directions given before (refer sandstone cave guide) to find two blue chests. Enter the cave beside the dirt pile and find a chest containing auquifolium extora. Wake up and talk to Rona again. Follow the southern path to reach a house. Go through the cave passage onto a new area. Talk to the queen and give her what the mountain king has asked you to. Follow the arrow direction. You are on the world map again. Talk to the ghosts there, they will trigger a quest (side quest no.36). Cross the bridge, keep walking and exit through the passage. The location of this goodie is same as the guild goodie. Exit and go to one of the other veniara islands. The graves in Halloween Hills (including new Witchwood) yields: 150 gold pennies, elephant garlic, 1 emerald and sword of chaos. Buy a spell each for Lars. Time to go to Thais now. They contain 1 covey balm and 850 gold pennies. Return to the druids shrine in Lands End. Levels-Use this goodie to give all active party members a 30 level increase. Finally at Aveyond, Rhen finds the ever interesting Teacup Town and gets to the Sun Temple. Agnes will not give you any reward! Watch the in-game actions and confront the Hind. You can talk to Danny in Sedona beach. Take the path to your right and press the switch. Get another chest on your way to retrieve bronze rod: Collect the raven blowpipe and return to the place where the three passages had branched. Talk to the chef of the ball room and he will also give you a quest (side quest no.29). Press enter or action button to obtain it: After you get the rune goodie you will be able to buy traveling runes from shops. Then talk to him. Pass through the door to face another puzzle. Enter the place. He will give you something. You can use any one of these, so I would recommend using the God goodie (since it includes everything). Go to your left first and ascend the ladder into the cave exit onto the next area. Follow the dotted line onto the next region. Heal up and save before entering Aesmas cave. Enter another cave inside this one and open the chest to retrieve a haunch. Report DMCA. Pass through the door. Maps-If you need help finding things, you can use these maps, which were created by tiniponi. Enter the Item shop and buy both the wedding rings you see on the table. You need something to capture at least one fairy to complete the mountain kings quest. See what happens. Head outside the tea cup town and follow the northern passage to your left. Now go to point 10 of map Z. you will end up in the lamp room. Since youve discovered the magic kettle from the Blasted Lands, now you can return to Veldt and give it to the alchemist. Cross the bridge to enter Mystery manor. You may take her, but watch out, she has a caustic tongue. Follow the path and you will come across a bifurcation. The chests from this area yields haunch, apple, 300 gold pennies and 150 gold pennies. The gauss shield spell can be learnt by Lars and gives protection against strong enemy spells. Walk up to the spiders and press the action button or enter. Anyways, Walk to the western road until you reach a cottage-its the wildwood tavern. It will yield 10000 gold pennies! Put the skull in the hole beside it, it will get unlocked. Get down the ladder, cross the bridge, then down another ladder, follow the dirt path and then down the next set of stairs; you will see a cave beside an apple cart. Find your skudder and set off for the southern isle (refer world map). Use the take the rune shortcut to Aveyond. Retrieve the fire axe and return by one screen. There you can dig up the dirt pile to find a cassia leaf. Climb the tree and you will be presented a puzzle, reach the top without getting hit by the bird, or else you will have to start from the base of the tree again. Exit and walk all the way to the next tower. Simply hold down the Ctrl and "F" keys together, and enter. A powerful deity, Ahriman, has opened the Demon Portal and dark creatures now threaten the great isles. Carry on and exit the cavern. The northern area yields a chest containing cutlass. Enter the mauve colored tent to upgrade your weapons. Each cubicle has a note on the wall. Talk to the queen and observe the conversation. Quest complete. Feed the bone to the dog. From the entrance head east till you reach a double waterfall. After reaching the castle, open the blue chest to get the magic picklock. Go to the thieves hideout again. You will find Danny next at Sedona. The maps are courtesy of the Aveyond community at Amaranth Games and have been used with permission. This place is bustling with activity and has lots of quests. Have a question for Aveyond? Take the right path. Finding the missing Truffle in Caves. See the various spots marked on the map to collect the following items from this area- magic kettle, 1 cover balm and 3300 gold pennies. Buy lots of healing items and upgrade your weapons. . Follow the purple colored path to find the way to Thais. He seeks to do this by using his demonic allies to capture the druids who can unlock the Sword of Shadows and by sending Dameon to enlist Rhen's trust. The chests here yield elixir, covey balm, 1 power acorn, 990 gold pennies and zurvan armor. Walk onwards and when the road branches out take the southern route. The art dealer Frederick will give you a quest (side quest no.28). You will see a woman named Elini who would like to join you after you graduate. Use the Dreamers Tear on the shrine stone and a rainbow bridge will form. Enter the left one first. Go to Wildwoods, take Elini in your party and come back to the necromancer in Veldarah. WALKTHROUGH Since the walkthrough is quite big, you can use the "Find" command to instantly jump to any word or phrase in the guide. This manor is located beside the ball room where you will find another goodie and a free place to rest (its your partys HQ). There are chests scattered all over this area, and from now on I wont particularly mention where to find them as they are easy to locate if you explore extensively. Now go to the Dream Castle, we need to face Agas. You will reach a sign post. temple in ghedahre if you have been there go to the king and see what happens. From there head south till you come across a signpost. Walk up to the Sedona palace and then try to talk to the king. From there, walk south. The treasure room has 5 emerald, two sapphires, one golden armor and a battle axe. Talk to her and she will join you as a guest (press escape key and you will see her under the friends section at the bottom of the menu). Talk to Tiberius and Alora, you will be given two quests, but you can accomplish either of them not both (will be discussed later). He will give you a golden goose. Explore the world map to find the Veniara Island (show map world). Buy witcheye root, traveling rune to witchwood, toad amulets and some spell scrolls from the item shop. We need to go to Wildwoods to get the good deed done. Now we will advance for our next quest. Walk up to the dead end with a chest. Walk up to the signpost in the highland and proceed north. Take the passage to your left and get a chest containing 100 gold pennies. The caves with the Moon Druid. For the time being, return to the entrance of the cave where you found the bone. Return to clear water- Rhen will marry Danny and live a peaceful and happy life at Clearwater. You get another quest (quest no.3). You can get enrolled to the necromancer guild and buy the staff and water orb for Lars. Aveyond 2 is packed with monsters, magic, and humor. Talk to the book dealer inside the house, he will give you a quest to gather all the arcane magic pages of a book. At this level you cant fight him. Dont go down, take the north-western path and keep moving till you reach a bridge.